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April, 2014
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Within the Axia office, he designs some of its projects, intended to special needs or directly related to the office interior design. He took part to the launch of the birdhouse Woody and won the Bois & Habitat Prize in 2008.

Concepts of acoustic furniture imagined with the Axia team are now edited by PROOFF.
He has also designed the signalectics for the retail group Delhaize in Zellik.

Moreover, he is developing his own solo-projects.
Edited by SpeculoosBook for Le Bouc, he works around the book object.
This practice extends to the scenography of the Fernand Baudin Prize since 3 years (, till specifics concepts of shelves.

In parallel, Mathieu develops an open source design issue with the collective Open Source Publishing.

His projects befit the design of everyday life, choose for renewable materials and simple