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Archipel gallery
January, 2011
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Archipel is a “challenge” project.
A short budget and a first family collaboration.
For production, I worked with my father. Together we have developed the first series, and then he produced the entire collection.

The furniture is based on the “do it yourself”, it incorporates some constructive principles designed by Gerrit Rietveld in the 30s, especially in its series CRATE. The small storage unit called “Gerrit” refers clearly to it.

A project of the Media Center of the French community, in collaboration with Open Source Publishing.
Yves Poliart, project manager – Harrisson (OSP), art director – Pierre Gabiot, dad builder – Ludi, coach – Hélène Lacourt, upholstery manufacturing – Jérôme Degive, Nicolas Soquette (Kakoiiiro) et Martin Lévêque, installation steps